Our Approach

“A building alone does not provide quality education although it can help.
High quality learning comes from engaged and knowledgeable teachers”

Howard Green MBE, Chairman of Pahar Trust Nepal

Our work is primarily focused in the mid-western Nepali foothills and the far-east of the country with an aim to build safe, durable schools that provide students with an encouraging environment in which to learn. ​​In addition to school construction projects we also undertake a variety of other projects including the construction of community health posts, libraries, early education centres, water supply and sanitation projects, provision of sports facilities, school hostels, school extension work and renovation and repair works.

Our Mission

Pahar Trust Nepal helps to improve education, health and sanitation facilities for remote communities in Nepal. We aim to provide some of the world's poorest children with a high standard of education and to support them to realise their potential while building skills and resilience within the community.

Our Objectives

Our Criteria

Our Schools